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For Carers, Homecare and Self-care. Manage everyday activities for your home, or your loved ones.
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Ageing 2.0. An interactive geriatrics web app assistant offering personalized guidance and support for age-related health concerns.
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Embrace the art of retirement. Receive tailored tips and advice about services for a satisfying post-work lifestyle, promoting happiness and well-being.
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Unlock your local community's treasures. Explore services, reviews, and essential information about your neighborhood for a well-informed living experience.
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Manage your home appliances. Make every appliance a smart-device with it own AI assistant ready to help with troubleshooting, repairs, manuals & more.
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Your AI Kitchen assistant. From cooking recipies, appliances, repairs, groceries and decor, to curated kitchen renovation ideas and services.
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Elevate every facet of your life. Get lifestyle tips for all age groups. Find local events, classes, and entertainment for a fulfilling life.
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An All-In-One Assistant
Find and manage services, supplies and guides. Promote or manage your business
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Relevant Solutions
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Activity Automations
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A Smart Assistant
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Remote Management
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Use on any device
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Use your favorites
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Remember Activities
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